How to Stay in New York City on the Cheap

Everyone knows that staying in nyc  can get expensive. So, how do you bring that price down? There are ways, some that take an adventurous spirit, and some that take a little sacrifice. Decide what you can afford ahead of time, and begin your search here.

  • 1

    Consider a hostel. Yes, even if you're not 17 with a backpack and an iPod in your ear, a hostel may be right for you. Families, older couples and groups of 20-somethings are all regular visitors at NYC hostels, most of which offer many different types of sleeping quarters to meet your needs.

  • 2

    Consider a guest house/bed and breakfast. Similar to a hostel in that you may have to share a bathroom, they may offer a bit more theming and a more personalized welcome. Guest houses are a fun, quaint way to enjoy NYC on a budget.

  • 3

    Cross the bridge. New York City is expensive, but cross over into New Jersey, and you're likely to find a better hotel deal. Of course, you won't be in the thick of the action, but the subway and cab systems into the city are convenient and affordable.

  • 4

    Take the usual route. Pull out all the usual tricks of the Internet when looking for a hotel to book. For example, try Internet re-listing services, hotel bid sites, last-minute websites and all those advertised deals.

  • 5

    Use what you already have. Check to see whether you're an AAA member or whether you have frequent flier miles or customer loyalty programs that you could cash in on. Take a look at all of your discount options.

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